Urinating In The Kennel Run

A dog owner named Ellen writes: I have a 12 month old golden retriever. When I am at work during the day she is in an outside kennel. The kennel has a concrete floor that is slanted to allow for drainage. I live in Wisconsin and when the snow melts, drainage is an issue even though I keep the kennel shoveled out.

Here is my problem: Abby has decided to always pee up on the high end of the kennel. Therefore, there is always urine all over the kennel and she ends up with it in her fur and it stinks. Is there any way to get her to change her place and go at the end of the kennel? All other dogs I have had just did this naturally. I can’t bathe her all the time as this drys her skin and she gets hot spots. I’ve already tried sanitizers and odor neutralizers on it to get her to use another place. She is fully house trained when she is inside. Thanks for your help.

– Ellen Dear Ellen: It’s an interesting question. It would be impossible to train her to urinate at the back end, as you’re not present to correct her when she urinates on the front end. But here are a couple of possible solutions:

1.) There are shampoos available that allow you to bathe the dog VERY FREQUENTLY without drying the skin. You should contact a couple of groomers to see what they recommend.

2.) You can buy rubber matting from catalog companies like Fosters and Smith or RC Steele– consult the tape “Where To Buy Pet Products At Rock Bottom Prices” that came with your kit. These mats allow the urine to drain through so that the dog is not standing in or laying in his urine all day.

3.) Try tacking some sheets of plastic or other material (perhaps reflective) to the front of the kennel run. Hopefully, the dog will be psychologically deterred from urinating on it.