Using Holiday Distractions To Socialize Your Dog

Don’t lock your dog in a back room for the holidays. He’s part of your family, so he needs to be included in the festivites. So, take advantage of holiday distractions to socialize your dog and work on problem behaviors.

My approach to dog training works so well because it forces you to train your dog around the type of real world distractions you’ll actually want to have your dog with you to enjoy.

Here’s a short video (3 minutes) we did of Halloween 2013. In the video, you can see I’m using a “place board” to give the dog an area to target. This makes it easier for him to understand where he’s supposed to be.

Note: I could have used the down-stay exercise, too. But the place board leaves it up to the dog as to whether he wants to stand, sit or lie down.

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