Using The Right Dog Training Techniques

Imagine using the right dog training techniques and being able to take your dog with you, anywhere you go… and know that he’ll listen and obey! Imagine being able to take him to a picnic and tell him to lay down…¬†even if there are 30 children running around, dropping pieces of hot dogs and burgers.

Using the Right Dog Training Techniques
Makes For A Happier Dog

dog training techniquesYet your dog is so well trained that he just lays there with a lazy smile on his face! Or perhaps you decide to take your dog with you to pick up some bagels for a Sunday brunch. Instead of leaving Fido in the car, you take him with you. As you walk into the store, you motion for your dog to lay down outside, next to the entrance… and he actually stays there until you return!!!

(I did this with a German Shepherd I owned named, “Buck.” While I was inside, another dog trainer in my area happened to also be in the bagel shop. Not realizing I was a professional dog trainer, he showed his cards and walked up to me, inquiring how I was able to get my dog to stay down for so long! He was literally amazed, and thought that it couldn’t be the training, but rather just that the dog had a ‘lazy temperament’ to be able to stay there without his master repeating, “stay, stay, stay” at his side! — And he was supposed to be a professional trainer!)

With the right dog training techniques,
you’ll be able to walk with your dog to the local dry cleaner’s…
and not have to juggle your dog’s leash and your freshly cleaned shirts!

Yesterday, I took Forbes (my Bullmastiff/Pit Bull mix) past the grocery store to the Dry Cleaners in the local mini-mall. Kids on bikes rode by and commented on what a “cool” dog he was, because he stayed right by my side! And the funny thing is… people think it’s the dog! They think that Forbes must be a “really smart dog,” or “really laid back” — which he is… but that’s not the point.

The point is that when you’re using the right techniques… and you’ve committed yourself to using these techniques and practicing with your dog on a regular basis, you can get seemingly miraculous results. Nobody seems to care that when I first rescued Forbes from the Animal Shelter, he was both extremely dog aggressive and also frighteningly hostile towards anything that moved past him quickly. (Such as kids on bikes, skateboards, and even joggers!)

But now he lazily holds a down-stay while kids on scooters shoot past him. He heels nicely in position as bikers whiz by. And people still think that it must be the dog. I really should have taken video tape of him to show a ‘before and after’ so that you could see what a difference using the right dog obedience training techniques can make. You can do this with your dog. Just remember to practice dilligently and USE the dog training techniques you’re learning from my book!