Well, Has the Shock Collar Worked?

By Leah Kay –

If you have been keeping up on my story, you know by now that I just love to run free and wild and whenever I could I use to run away. I eventually would come back home, except for the one time when I got tangled up and couldn’t come home.

That is when my mom and dad broke down and bought that shock collar and started to use it on me. Well months later I will now tell you if it’s paid off or not….

Mom has spent many, many hours working with me. When she first bought the shock collar and put it on me, I just couldn’t figured out what the heck that big thing around my neck was for-until she had to use it. Yikes! That smarted!! After one or two of those tiny volts going through me, I learned very quickly that I had better do what she wanted me to or else….

She first started out with this long rope and calling me to come. Then she went to a short lead and then dropping the lead. I learned very quickly to come on command. Oh, once in a while I would get my nosy noise to smellin’ and I wouldn’t come back, but she only had to use the sound to quickly remind me what would be next if I didn’t listen.

I quickly learned what was my boundary and not to leave that area. But when we moved from our summer spot to our winter spot down in Texas, I had to learn new boundaries.

It’s now the first of Feb and I’m going outside with my mom and dad, no leash, no lead, and no shock collar! I also now go for walks, mom carries the leash along, but I’m not hooked to it and again-no shock collar! Aren’t you all proud of me!?!? Oh, now you want to know how my spirit is and if I still have my spunk that a min pin should have? I’m still full of mischief and I have lots of spunk, I’ve just learned that when I’m called I better listen or else….

We do live within a city limit and in an RV Park, so I can’t stay loose on my walk for a very long time. And if my mom or dad sees a car coming, they make me sit and wait until it goes by. They both still act a little nervous with me; thinking that I might see a cat or rabbit or something that will make me want to bolt. But I know that I better not, and I sit waiting for the “release” command (which never does come-darn.),

I think now I have lots more respect for my mom and dad and I know now that they love me very much and don’t want to see me get hurt. I love going for walks with them. I now walk right by my mom side and we can speed walk and I won’t trip her anymore. I love to run free in my yard. I can lay where I want, sniff a new area (so long it’s in my boundary) and I can run and play more freely. I just can’t wait to get back up north where I have yet a huge yard to roam in. I wonder how far they will allow me to go? I guess we will have to wait and see…

Until next time….Happy Paws to ya!!