What’s the Best Dog Toy for Your Adult Dog

As a professional dog trainer, people often ask me what dog toys I recommend they should buy and which ones I use for my own dogs. Here’s the answer: Your dog doesn’t need more than two toys. Rotate them, so he doesn’t get bored.

But remember: We’re talking about an animal that eats the same food, day in/day out. And while your dog needs mental stimulation in the form of play and obedience training, they will be perfectly happy with chewing on the same toys, for years. (Much the same way young children can watch the same Barney movie 100 times without getting bored!) So& what are the two best dog toys in my opinion? – The Kong. Either in red or black. (Sometimes you need to play with your dog and this toy a bit, before your dog gets interested in it& but once they do& LOOK OUT.

The benefit of this toy is that they can chew on it for months and months, in most cases. You can also stuff it with doggie treats, cream cheese, peanut butter or whatever. – The rope toy. This is usually sold in either white or multi-strand colors. It is a thick piece of soft rope, tied in a knot on each end. Another great toy because–compared to the rawhide bone–this toy will last weeks or months.