When Older Dogs Start Urinating In The House

Bruce asked us: “I have 2 Papillons who are about 5 and 4 years old. They have been house trained but have now starting going in our sun room even after they were just outside. I don’t know which one it is or maybe its both of them. This problem seems to be escalating for some reason. I just downloaded your Secrets book and will start reading it… but where should I start or what should I do so the problem can be “nipped in the bud.”

Thank you for your help

Adam replies: Hi, Bruce:

Definitely start with the Secrets book. Then watch “Housebreaking In A Hurry” in our video vault. It’s about 45 minutes long and will reiterate what is in the book. For people who are more visual learners, it works well.

If you still have questions, please start another thread and we’ll be happy to help you along.

Keep me posted.

Bruce responds: “Okay I watched the movies and yes they reinforced your book. Things are a little clearer. You didn’t explain too much about using that short leash that hangs on the dog’s collar to correct him. Do you just give him a tug when correcting him?

Now a couple of specific questions:

Remember I have two older papillons. Don’t know which dog it is (or both). Why do you think this problem started? They can go out side and we can watch them go but yet a few minutes after they come in they go in the house. Why are they doing this now after being reasonably good for so long?

Since we have 2 dogs, any suggestions for handling them and this problem? They are almost always together and do things together.

Thanks again for your help

Hi, Bruce:

Yes… The tab correction is the same as the leash.

The trick is to keep the dogs confined to the crate (whenever you cannot supervise) the same as you would a baby with a crib– until they’ve proven themselves 100%.  [That way, you’re in a position to be consistent with your motivational corrections, too.]

As to why the dog started doing it? Impossible to say 100%, but usually it’s a result of an initial accident, and then the dog discovers that it’s a lot more comfortable doing it on the carpet than outside. So, he tries it a second time… And since you didn’t correct him (or correct him consistently) he thinks it’s okay.