When to Start Obedience Training

I have a 4 1/2 month-old Doberman Pinscher. Got him at 9 weeks of age and trained him to sit by command and hand signal by 11weeks for the most part. He comes when I call and heels and goes down somewhat, but I’m sure if I practice the information in your book he will come around.

He seems to be very intelligent. I’m wondering: At what age do you think I should start training? And I was also curious about the “Development of Perfect Attention” I would like to know how to do that exactly (to get him to watch me like the competition dogs do) and what the “Halti” and the “Promise Leader” is and does? Thank you for your time. – Kevin Dear Kevin: You can start the formal obedience training (correcting your dog when he disobeys commands) when he is 4 ½ months old& or whenever you see his adult teeth start to come in.

As for the Halti and Promise Leader& these two items are virtually identical products. They are designed to CONTROL and RESTRAIN the dog& not to TRAIN THE DOG. This is why we don’t carry these products. Any time you find yourself RESTRAINING rather than RE-TRAINING& you know you’re using an inferior technique.