When to Start the Pinch Collar

Keith writes: We have a 3 month-old Labrador Retriever (Shadow) that is naturally a bundle of energy. We have really learned a lot from your book/tapes. We have started using a prong collar on a limited basis and she responds pretty well except when we try to walk her.

I have listened to your tape and read the section of your book on training to walk on a loose leash but shadow doesn’t understand her part of the plan. Instead of walking she just sits or lays on the ground. I tried to give her a correction but she doesn’t seem to respond. I have also tried to use treats to reward her when she does walk next to me correctly. Is she too young to be using the prong collar? Do you have any suggestions for encouraging her to walk with the leash instead of sitting? Thank you for your assistance, Keith

Dear Keith: I recommend not using the pinch collar for formal training exercises (including walks) until you see his adult teeth begin to come in& which is usually between 4 to 5 months of age.

This usually corresponds with the first stage of social maturity. Otherwise, just use it if you’re having trouble with mouthing for now. Teaching her to walk on a loose leash is something that takes about 10 minutes. It’s no big deal. But don’t be in a rush to put her in college when she first must go through kindergarten. At this age, your dog doesn’t need to be taken on long walks. A romp in the back yard and chasing a few toys until she demonstrates that she’s tired or has lost interest should be enough.

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  1. i have a doberman that is very hyper and doesnt come when i call his name. he is a big dog. hes a very sweet boy but he jumps the fence too much how can i train him to stop jumping the fence and to come when i call him

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