Where To Buy The Electronic Dog Fight Stopper

I used to sell a product I called “The Electronic Dog Fight Stopper.”  It was a stun gun like any other, but it was a brand of stun gun that produced a particularly loud “crackling” sound when you pushed the button.  Both dogs and humans would stop whatever they were doing and look around (or run!) because it made such a strange sound.  For the dogs, I presumed the electrical charge was likely hitting some higher frequency that was so strange it would literally stop a dog in his tracks.  Even mid-fight.

Well, most dogs anyway.  And if they didn’t, I knew I could always touch the attacking dog with stun gun and then stop the dog long enough for us to make a run for it.

I never had to do that, fortunately.

I would use it if a stray dog was running toward me and my dog by just holding it up in the air and press the button and the other dog would turn-tail and take off running in the opposite direction.

electronic dog fight stopperIt was a product that sold well enough, but I stopped selling The Electronic Dog Fight Stopper about fifteen years ago when vendors began selling stun guns on the internet.  It was easier to just let dog owners buy directly from an online vendor who specialized in mailing stun guns and knew which jurisdictions they could ship to and which they could not ship to.

I received the following letter from Mike in Australia, who asked if I could send him an Electronic Dog Fight Stopper:

“Hello Adam
I was hoping you guys might be able to help me buy and ship to Melbourne, Australia one or two stun guns or as you call it electronic dog fight stopper. I can buy e- collar here but not those stun guns.
Thanks in advance

If You Can’t Buy An Electronic Dog Fight
Stopper In Your Local Jurisdiction…
Get One Of These Instead

I replied: “Hi, Mike: I’m not in the business of selling the stun guns anymore for this very reason. I recommend finding an internet vendor who will ship to your locale.


Most Area Will Have A Feed Store That Sells One Of These…cattle prod

Find a local feed store that sells to the ranchers and ask them if they sell a cattle prod. It’s basically the same type of device, but it’s more of a long stick (about 2 1/2 to 3 feet) with the probes on the end. A cattle prod will actually work better for what you’re going to use it for, since you don’t have to get your hand so close to the aggressive dog.

Warning: I recommend that you only use (either of these) products in a worse case scenario.  You are responsible for your own actions: If you shock your neighbors poodle with one of these because he ran up to greet your Labrador Retriever, don’t be surprised if your neighbor calls the police.

However; If you’re walking your poodle and a pack of wild coyotes comes running at you, then by all means: use it!!

Or… get a Rottweiler like this one: