Which Dog Breed Does Adam Think Is Best?

Which Dog Breed Does Adam Think Is Best?

Novice dog enthusiasts frequently debate which dog breed is “best”. And while everyone has their own favorite breed, the experienced dog professional knows that there is no “all-around best” dog breed. It’s a matter of personal preference and what “job” your dog will play in your life.

For example, if I lived in a rural area that had problems with rats getting in the house, I might choose a Rat Terrier (or any number of other terrier breeds) … because they’ve been bred for years to effectively deal with rodent control.

On the other hand, if I had cattle to move, the Rat Terrier would make a poor choice. But the Border Collie would make an excellent choice.

Yet that same Border Collie might be a poor selection if I were elderly and living in an apartment. In which case, the Boston Terrier, a breed that’s typically quiet, clean and fairly low-energy, would be fantastic.

You get my point.

But even more important than the breed of dog in many cases, is the individual dog’s temperament and how it matches your temperament and your training style. In fact, the individual dog’s temperament is so important, I’ll force myself to be “breed-blind” when picking out a new dog for a client, as long as the individual dog’s attributes meet the client’s lifestyle.

So, an older couple might do well with an individual Pit bull, but do poorly with an individual Standard Poodle, who happens to be high energy or dominant in nature. Which is not to say that Standard Poodles by nature are high energy and dominant, but rather to make my point: It’s the individual dog, not the breed that matters most.