Why Is My Dog Barking?

There is nothing quite as annoying in a quiet neighborhood as a dog that continues to bark all day. There is always a reason why a dog will continue to bark and more often than not it is related to boredom.

Alternatively the dog could be hungry and wanting food or water, or quite possibly they don’t have sufficient shelter from the elements whether in a hot or cold climate. If these problems can be addressed this might be all that is needed to stop the dog from barking all day. You need to be aware of any other factors, and it is wise to ensure that your dog’s needs are being met.

Toys can help relieve the boredom and exercise before extended periods where the dog will be left on it’s own can help to settle the dog down as it will be more likely to sleep while you are away. More often than not the problem lies with a lack of training, as the dog has not been taught to remain silent.

Correct training will not only ensure you have a happier pet but the neighbors will also be happy that your contented dog is a quiet dog that will only bark when allowed or when there is an emergency. Your dog needs to know that it will not be rewarded simply by barking for attention and when it learns that it will get sufficient attention without the need to bark you will have solved it’s barking problem.

Most people are unaware that their dog might be barking all day, as they are away at work and unable to hear the noise. In those situations a friendly neighborhood chat might reveal exactly what your beloved dog is like while you are away.

If your dog does start to bark as soon as you leave the property you can sneak back up on it, ensuring that it cannot smell you by approaching from downwind, and then surprise it and reprimand it for barking. It will then be unsure whether you will return at any other time and will be less likely to continue barking knowing that it will get reprimanded.  

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