Wow It Has Been A Long Time!

By Hexen –

I know it has been a long time and I also know that our last encounter was for me anyway a “brain fart moment” (As my husband likes to call them). I realize now that I did not finish my last blog, Wow big brian fart!

Well As many that read this might or might not know is I have just recnetly ( 9 weeks ago) have been very sick with breathing problems and have just quite smoking!

I decided as this is a hot summer to take a vacation or long weekend to Garmisch or more percisely Oberau Germany. I stay in a lovely gast haus( motel) that offers breakfast every morning and for those adventurous enough to Ascend or desend the “Bergs” a Hot tub and Physico Therm, this is a Sauna type device, a wooden closet with heaters you are supposed to lean your sore back against. The heaters get warm and are targeted red heat against the 2 back musles (I am just now thinking they need a re-design and giving a heater to lean on for the whole body not just the back area! Sadly the Hot Tub was broken and this was of great disapointment!

I have returned home to now, decideing I have QUITE SMOKING and should fill every spare moment with hiking the area in the oldenwald where I live. This should also be classifyed as a dog training and weightloss program.

Yes, I said it weightloss program! I was thin enough the last time I was here! Germany really does give every opertunity to walk ,walk, walk for her folks or bike to which I am a little frighten of. The fact that I am frighten to ride bikes in it’self is a story worth listening to but for the moment we are going to discuss my new found desire to loose weight and workout.

My ultimate desire truth be told is to hike the Garmisch-Partenkirschen part of the alps, this would inculde the Zugspitzs. Follow the ridge line and stay at the Gast Hauses along the way top that off with 2 dogs! That is a long way off and I am thinking next summer if my husband is in shape also after 1 year and 3 month deployment to Iraq.

I will try to post a story and pictures when I can, but as there is just one of me and trying to be dog trainer/ Competetor/groomer/”Berg Wanderer” can be difficult but worth my try.

Look for the pictures of my transformation!