Y2K Compliant Dog Ownership

Be Aware: The big ONE is just about upon us. That means GUN SHOTS and FIREWORKS and LOUD PARTY POPPERS and all kinds of other things that can cause your dog to go absolutely bonkers.

Here’s my advice: Keep your dog confined inside the house. And preferably inside his crate, if he’s crate trained. This will give him a sense of confidence and well-being.

In the same room as his crate, leave your stereo on– fairly loud! Put some soft music on the CD player… like Yanni, or John Tesh, or.. G-d-Forbid… ABBA!

The music should drown out any sounds outside the house that may cause your dog to panic. And your neighbors shouldn’t mind the music, since it’s New Year’s Eve… unless they hate John Tesh as much as I do!