Yes, Dogs Get Stomach Viruses Too!

By Suzi Jones –

It started with Uly throwing up only 1 time on Friday but in 4 different places and only this one time during the day. I wrote it off as being from playing too hard and drinking too much water after with out enough of a pause to catch breath and not be panting so hard.

Six P.M rolled around and my friend was calling, as her boxer (Uly’s by rights Girlfriend) had thrown up some blood so my friend was calling to ask what could cause this and to tell me she had made the emergency appointment at the 24 hour clinic (Expensive and in Euros to boot). I did not think anything else about Uly throwing up or the fact that the last poop of the evening was taking a bit longer then normal. As bella does like to try to eat things forbidden like cat poop.

I did not think anything else about it until I awoke this morning to come down stairs to find a bit of a dark brown mess before my normal coffee time. Not the first thing you want to do is clean when you awake.

O.k. no big deal, that is, if you have gone through something like this in the past. A few years ago between 2 military communities a dog stomach virus so bad traveled around afflicting about 90% of the dogs in these 2 communities. This was a 2 “weaker” with bloody poops. The vet at the time told me concerning Hexen to save my money give Pepto- bismal (the pink stuff) and nothing but chicken noodle soup at her normal meal times until such time as the dog can keep it in both ends. Strange at the tim is my first boxer Shamrock being epileptic I would have swore would pick something up like this first but not the ever healthy Hexen. Nope I went to a grooming customers house, that smell was the tell tail sign! I asked is your dog sick? Or has your dog been sick? Ah nope.

Then your dog is sick now as it is having the water poops all over my grooming table! I followed what I thought were extra safe precautions! I stripped down to my underwear in the hallway of the appartment building (Including socks and shoes) went directly inside and washed my hands, showered, and new fresh clothes! What else could I do?

I then took care of the clothes in the hallway by bring them 3 flights down to be washed as quick as possible, but the case was it was too late and with in a few days she was throwing up and diarrhea for 2 weeks.

Poor Uly on the other hand knows he is sick, has not eaten but is drinking water like no tomorrow, He has bubble and foam around his lips when an episode is about to hit and he is trying to go outdoors into the garden however when I forget to leave the door open he is just letting it come. I can’t blame him the “Armee sow” Pronounced (AHma) or poor pig! No dog club, no walking for a few days as I want to keep this as contained as I can, Thankfully Hella is not sick but she does not understand why Uly does not take any advances from her to try to play.