Yet Another Dog?

By Latifah Abdul’laah –

So, I just couldn’t resist.

I adopted a dog from our local shelter in late August, and she has been a dream. I did worry about how Jennie Beans would get along with my Kali, a Japanese Chin, but Kali is like the best therapy dog on the planet. Well, as far as I am concerned anyway right!!!!

So last week, trolling CraigsList, I found an ad for a 5 year old Yorkie and wonder of wonders, the owners didn’t want some outrageous “rehoming” fee. I didn’t expect to get a response to my email. Anyone that has been on CL before knows how crazy some of these people can be, if they answer at all.

Not only did this couple answer, they weren’t looking for a fee at all, just a good home for their little Allie, who I have taken to calling Allie Bear because she has a teddy bear face. She is the smallest little thing and she only cost me the gas to drive to the suburbs and back. She is a purebred little Yorkie, small at 4 lbs., and they gave me her kennel, pillow, bag of food, harness, and leash. Yaaay Right!!!!

I couldn’t resist when I went to meet her. But I’m a pretty soft touch for animals anyway, although I never expected to be one with dogs. My family was like “C’mon, no more dogs” but who can say no to such a cute little face. Plus she just puts us at our limit on dogs.

Another wonder is that she has cured my desire to go look through the ads on CraigsList. That can really be addicting because there are the ads, responses to the ads, responses to responses to the ads etc., and it really gets to be entertaining after awhile. I mean there were some days I just went to see what the discussions were. Silly, I know. But I’m a stay at home mom, homeschooling a 9 year old, amazed at what goes through the 3 year old mind, caring for a 99 year old, and helping an 81 year old. Sometimes CL would be the only outside thing going on, and I know that’s sad to say, but I also found the cutest little angel there too.

So, I think that in this year alone, I have gone the spectrum on where a person can possibly get a dog from. Kali, my Japanese Chin, I got from a backyard breeder. Jennie Bean, a Chihuahua mix, is a rescue from a local shelter. And last but not least, Allie Bear, a gift from a great couple on CL.

So now the challenge is to get these girls all reliably housebroken. But everyone has a kennel and that shouldn’t be too hard. I mean, I have plenty of time, I have their whole entire lives lol.

So, that’s it for me. I just wanted to share my joy with other dog lovers that will understand how exciting it was for me to add another dog to our family, because my cats aren’t so thrilled lol. But the human members of my family have fallen in love with her just like me, and three is no more trouble than two in the end.