Your Dog Is A Snapper

By Suzi Jones –

She was non stop woo woo woo woo just not bark bark bark. But what did work hella is body blocking as in the case of my husband. He enters and every time she tries to come into my zone I walk into her and block her. This seems to quiet her an awful lot as this is me taking ownership over him.

My friend Christa did something weird with her dane Yankee years ago ( 7 to be exact), he was acting an ass while out walking one day and she stood in front of him, put him in a sit and asked him for his paw he gave it and tantrum and excited energy were gone. And I said why? And she said because he has to focus on me directly and if he tries to move I have his leg so he has to look at me. ( tried this with Uly didn’t work)

If you know however your dog is a snapper (This part adopted from “The T.V show”) or defensive with hands on corrections then I turn into them and start first body blocking or calmly walking into them to break their focus on the other dog or what ever.

If you watch a pack of dogs play weather 2,3,4,5 they use body bumps and blocks to contol the actions and movments of the other dog.

I have just really really been pushing with not fighting at all with dogs in these situations and I had the opertunity to experiment with a customers dog. She called me to come and dremel toenails,2 dogs female pretty normal, male border collie mix afraid of strangers and also possissive aggressive over the pregant owner.
The toenails we got it done took a bit, but as I was getting ready to leave, the owner behind me in the hallway, I stepped to her to shake her hand goodbye and he got a little pushy with me snapping at my legs.
Oh no this is not going to happen!

I took my shopping bag(Filled with stuff) and dropped it down low below my knee level and started to walk into him backing him off from her( In other words I took possission of his owner) The next thing I know I look over and the female is comming into the male and bumping him and bitting him in the neck (Little witch was working with me).

Just remember not all things work with all dogs or animals but a good dog trainer is one that can modify methods to come up with something that will work.