You’ve got a dog that just keeps barking

Here’s the deal: You’ve got a dog that just keeps barking when you leave him in his kennel run or in the back yard. You’ve already exercised him and you know that he’s not barking at anything in specific.

Let’s face it: Sometimes dogs just bark because it’s fun. And then it becomes a habit. And then your neighbors start complaining. Even if you correct the dog when you’re home, your dog is smart enough to learn that he doesn’t get corrected for barking when you leave for work. And that’s where the bark collar comes in.

Innotek’s No-Bark Collars deliver a safe, instant message that barking is off-limits. Controlling your dog’s barking has never been safer or easier. The No-Bark Collar is also safe to use around other animals because the stimulus can be activated only by the bark of the dog wearing the collar.

These things really work! I’ve used them for the last 10 years, and I honestly don’t know what kennel owners did without them. (Hint: Lots of sound insulation!)

Please read at the link below for a description of the different bark collars that we offer.